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Harvard capstone

course website

The Capstone is a IACS course for Harvard students. Capstone students apply skills such as machine learning, statistics, data management, and visualization to solve real-world problems. The website present an overall picture of the course, as well as their collaborations with partners, projects and a student sections with information about the classes.

data research

Moleskine -



The goal of this project is to utilize social media data to produce a segmentation of Moleskine’s online public and to model their communities. We synthesize and analyze the unstructured social media data of various types and gathered across various social media platforms producing a complete picture of the online presence of Moleskine users.


creative coding

Sun trajectories

The project consists of an animation representing the variation of sun trajectories during the year. Personal project of creative coding, the animation is made with javscript.

data visualization


and victims

of terrorism

The visualization compares the amount of victims caused by the the forty most lethal terrorist groups from 1998 to 2015, also showing their ideologies and main targets.


data research

It's not so isis

This project merges data visualization and storytelling in order to picture a complex phenomenon. Terrorism is the consequence of some groups’ activities originated from the violent radicalization of three core sources: religious, political and ethnic. We merged together two datasets and visualized terrorist activities from 1998 to 2015.

data visualization

Are you sure

you want to see this?

When terrorism appears as the headline news, what do people search? The project focuses on the video-executions produced by ISIS, how several platforms deal with those contents and how the users react.



Are you sure

you want to see this?

The exhibition is composed by two panels printed with two visualizations and an interactive/physical data experience. The visualizations show the distribution and visibility of the ISIS videos online. The goal of the exhibition is to allow the user to do a first-person experience of the data gathered in the previous phase.

data visualization


Suburra, how the italian film industry goes abroad. The project is a visual representation, through a process of data collection and information design, of the impact on different types of media of the release of the controversial film Suburra.


data visualization

The spam-map

The sPAM/MAP is a visualization of a small amount of data: incoming mail to my spam box. The map shows where the mail come from, dividing the flow by time zones, and for each one are represented: the typology of mail sent, the location of origin, the intensity and the total amount

editorial design

Sussidiario delle

sementi antiche

Sussidiario delle Sementi Antiche is a project composed of a book and a selection of ten species of seeds. They are traditional and natural seeds that risk to disappear throughout the years. The goal of the project is to explain the value of these seeds, how to grow and use them.